aaaayyyyy what up baby boo?


Mikey Spuds

Mikey Spuds is a collaborative project between some friends. Showcasing upcoming Mikey Spuds. Over time, the Mikey spuds will evolve. The subscribe to our watch list if you want early access to future Spuds. Mikey has become an icon of High Quality Gifs and the future of NFTs


Golden God

I have contained my rage for as long as possible, but I shall unleash my fury upon you LIKE THE CRASHING OF A THOUSAND WAVES! Be gone vile man! Be gone from me! A starter NFT? This here is a finisher NFT! A NFT of the gods! THE GOLDEN GOD! I AM UNTETHERED AND MY RAGE KNOWS NO BOUNDS


Hollywood on Crack

All of your favorites, but on crack. Painting style photos of actors as well as characters

Into Your Mind

Into Your Mind is a collection of NFTs created by AI. Complete random assortment of whatever pops into our head. 


Marker Madness

All of your favorite television and movie characters recreated with marker and digitized. We also take requests so join our discord and give us more characters to make.

Wildcard Wilderness

In the wilderness, but like not in the wilderness.

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Come one come all to a beautiful show!

It’s gonna be awesome and… some other stuff