Beginner’s Guide and Tips for Crush Them All

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Before reading this guide please note this is a guide as well as tips from many veteran players who have tested various aspects of the game to provide the most efficient ways to go about the game. Experimentation with different setups is more than welcome though, it provides for some very intriguing designs! 

When you’re first starting this game there’s a plethora of things to do. It can be overwhelming but looking at it in pieces and not all at once will help you to understand and not feel overwhelmed. There are 3 main areas of the game that will require varying strategies in how to play: Staging, PvP, and Slay Bosses. As of right now this covers Staging and a small portion of Slay Bosses.


Your first step should be to get a general grasp on how staging works, this is the first area of the game that you’ll see upon starting the game. This area is very easy to optimize and once you have it set you can pretty much just leave it. When your staging your priority is to get through the stages as fast as possible. This can be done in two ways by leveling your staging heroes with gold and prisms. When you’re first starting out the only hero you should use if you’re planning to play optimally should be Luka the reason for this is he can beat every stage by himself until he can surpass stage 600 you don’t need to use any other heroes. The image below will tell you what element hero you need for each stage that has a boss immunity. Note: There’s a total of 12,000 stages, the order is still the same though.

This is the reason why Luka can solo all the way up to stage 600, after this you’ll need to add a new hero of each element as you need them. The following image will show you the best heroes for staging.

These heroes are considered the best because of their base speed, special abilities to teleport, and 4 star passive abilities to buff speed. When investing prisms into these heroes it’s best to stagger them to effectively progress through staging as fast as you can. EX:

One thing you may want to consider doing is maxing out your ascension buffs by ascending as soon as you can until you max out your buffs. Ascending 120 times will cap your shop level bonus, while ascending 160 times will cap both.

A very common question I’ve seen is “Does this artifact or does this rune affect this game mode.” Here’s an image that should put those questions to rest. It covers every game mode and every item that affects that mode.

Note: For PvP (Arena & Blitz) the 4 star buffs apply at a rate of only 20%.

Slay Bosses

There are five different slay bosses currently in the game as well as 10 mini bosses. In order for you to be able to fight any of these bosses you must be in a guild. The Slay Boss will not appear until your guild has killed 3 mini bosses. You can see your progress towards this towards the top of this screen under your current tier. 

The slay bosses are on a rotation and are active for 3 days at a time with a 1 day break between each. The rotation can be seen below.

The next image is what you’ll see when you go to fight a boss. A few things to note here.

Lower Lv: You can tap this button to have drop down box appear this will allow you to change the level of the boss. Changing this however will reduce the amount of points you get, but if you have no chance of surviving the current boss then lowering this can help a ton and net you more resources and points. Before doing this though consider turning off 2x speed, as this will reduce the amount of times you get hit, or use 300 energy attacks, since it will not only allow you to do more damage but it will increase your survivability. 

Lv 01 BOSS NAME: This simply refers to how difficult a boss will be, the higher the level the harder it will be to beat them.

Ends in 00:00:00: This tells you how much time you have to defeat the boss before it disappears.

00.00%/HP 000: This refers to what percentage of health the boss has left and the total value of health.

DMG Boost: 00.00%: This refers to how much additional damage you will be doing to the boss. This number increases by 100% each time you fight the boss, 40% each times a guild member fights the boss, and 2000% while your guilds Star Fever is active.

Team: This is the most important aspect to all of the bosses. Your team can be customized for each boss you face, this means you can have a custom team for each of the 20 different bosses you fight.

Battle: This brings up two options when you tap it, a 100 energy option and a 300 energy option. A 100 energy attack is just a normal attack with no benefits other than your current DMG boost. A 300 energy attack increases your heros stats so they can survive longer and do more damage, it applies a DMG boost equal to 3x that of a normal 100 energy attack, and nets you 3x the rewards.

This image shows you all of the class bonuses you’ll get for fighting a particular boss. Using Crushers are always a good idea since they always have the crusher bonus effect active no matter which boss they fight and when they fight their particular boss they will get the class and element bonuses as well.

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